October 26, 2012

Feature in interiors design website!

Wintry Little Prince has been featured in Apartment Therapy (thanks Severine!) in a post related to book-based artwork which includes some nice ideas and DIY projects not only for nursery rooms, but for story book lovers of all ages as well!. Check my feature here.
You can find my Prince in my Etsy shop and as fabulous T-shirts here.

October 15, 2012

Hi! I'm alive and kicking!

Wow! I'm happy to be here again! Many moons have passed since the last time I've dropped a line here in my blog! I totally apologize for not being around for such a long time... It has been so long that now I have found a renewed Blogger and therefore some little difficulties to create my post! Anyway here I am, safe and sound and happy to update my little corner with some of my new stuff, creations and ideas!

And the first thing that I want to share with you is the launch of my new Dawanda Store, and to celebrate the news my first customers will get 15% off any product! This offer is valid until October 21st!

I also want to share with you my new creation, Countess Nocturne

Countess Nocturne subsists by feeding on the life essence of nocturnal beings, walking quietly through the shadows of the night.
She exudes her bittersweet fragrance of dried rose petals, like the ones forgotten over the graves of the unfortunate, and her victims fall at her feet…

You can find her in a large variety of products as Tshirts, prints, iphone cases and much more in my RedBubble , Society6 and Zazzle stores. By now my Etsy Shop just includes Countess Nocturne art prints, but I will be listing more nice products specially created for my Etsyan friends shortly! Please visit my shop frequently to see the new additions in the next few days! ♥

January 14, 2012

Follow me on Pinterest!

Just joined Pinterest a few days ago and love it! I could spend hours looking at everybody's beautiful, interesting and original stuff picked from the web! Pinterest is an online pinboard, where you can browse and share all the nice stuff you find on the web. As a new user I'm struggling a little with the features (if you visit my account you will see that my pinboards are almost empty!) but I guess I will get it all in my pocket shortly... Finally I found a friendly way to collect my faves!
If you're a little curious (and you're willing to give me some help) you can visit my Pinterest and follow me!

January 4, 2012

Edward, Sweet Edward

"Edward, Sweet Edward"
© Sandra Vargas 2012

My new work is inspired by my favorite fairytale character, Edward Scissorhands.
Though he is an unfinished creation, he shows more humanity and compasion than the real people. I love his innocence, his romanticism; his isolated soul that does not fit into this mundane world.
Prints, cards and framed artwork are available here.

November 11, 2011

Hidden Garden

Hidden Garden
©Sandra Vargas 2011

My twisted interpretation of the scene“Painting The Roses Red” from Lewis Carrols “Alices Adventures in Wonderland”.
In an alternate imaginary version, Alice gets rid of the evil Queen in a hidden garden… now she has fresh red paint for her adored roses.

My great challenge in this illustration was to draw the rose! I made 3 failed attempts until creating my final version… almost 3 in the morning and finally got
it! Hope you like it!

Available here

November 6, 2011

Elfie has a new friend now! Not just the little red robin but the cute Jollybelle, my new Christmas elf. She's getting ready for Christmas with the help of Chickadee, but has tangled a bit with some ribbons and wrapping paper! For now, you can get my little redhead friend as prints and Tshirts. She will be added to my Etsy shop very soon!

November 1, 2011

Uniquely Different Bags

New bags featuring my work are available in London based Uniquely Different shop at Etsy! These are printed onto cotton fabric and close with a magnetic snap. They make beautiful and very unique bags which are perfect for yourself or as gifts for friends and family!

October 23, 2011

Featured in Digitalis Art Magazine

I have the honor to be featured in the amazing Digitalis Art Magazine , a quarterly publication that supports and encourages creativity. Digitalis Art Magazine runs a group in RedBubble which shows tips, ideas and tutorials, features artists, and runs challenges and creative events. They select new artists and showcase them in the magazine, which is distributed world wide.
This time I have the honor to be featured. Thank you!

Click on the image to read more!

August 1, 2011

New Alice's Tea Party purse!

My Alice's Tea Party artwork is now available as a quirky high quality purse! This nice handbag created by Haut Totes has customizable features like:
- Brushed brass or gunmetal hardware
- Long or short handles
- Lining color
- Custom quotes for the bottom (so creative!)

This roomy handbag has a fun and functional kiss lock closure and lots of decadent little extras we love in a purse: a hard bottom, purse feet, and a winged skeleton key designed specially for the handbag line. Haut Totes bags are made to order. Get your Alice's tea Party purse here. Also tote bags, zipper pouches and gadget bags with my artwork are available here.

July 29, 2011

My Chest of Curiosities: Sorelle

There are so much fun, beautiful and enchanting treasures I find in the internet that I'd love to share with you through my Chest of Curiosities, a wish box that keeps my favorite things, curiosities and magical findings in a special place for you to admire.

The first jewel I want to take out of my chest is this magical book, Sorelle, written by Matz Mainka and illustrated by celebrated Spanish illustrator Ana Juan.

Sorelle is the tale of two sisters, joined together by their strong reddish root-like hair. They grew up in solitude, in a world of their own whose access they denied to anyone else… until a spring day when one of them finally met love.

Sorelle is an obscure story about love, sadness and the sickness of obsession; a nebulous world inhabited by gloomy characters and their inner monsters.

This wonderfully illustrated book is actually edited in Italian only, so I can hardly wait for it to be edited in Spanish or English as well! A must have for all those fantasy/gothic lovers!

~ Info ~
Product Dimensions:
9.5 x 6.5 inches – 24 x 17 cm
Extent: 48 pages
Language: Italian
March 2011