November 11, 2011

Hidden Garden

Hidden Garden
©Sandra Vargas 2011

My twisted interpretation of the scene“Painting The Roses Red” from Lewis Carrols “Alices Adventures in Wonderland”.
In an alternate imaginary version, Alice gets rid of the evil Queen in a hidden garden… now she has fresh red paint for her adored roses.

My great challenge in this illustration was to draw the rose! I made 3 failed attempts until creating my final version… almost 3 in the morning and finally got
it! Hope you like it!

Available here


Pili said...

Oh my, I totally adore it! So, so, so amazing!

Brilliant indeed!

bee said...

Just gorgeous Sandy! Very beautiful and a little bit dark, which is awesome! Fab colours and textures, love it lots!

Beatriz Peña Fotografía said...

Preciosa la ilustración !!

eva baumgartl said...

Amazing-very beautiful.
I really like it.

Greetings from germany :-)