January 4, 2012

Edward, Sweet Edward

"Edward, Sweet Edward"
© Sandra Vargas 2012

My new work is inspired by my favorite fairytale character, Edward Scissorhands.
Though he is an unfinished creation, he shows more humanity and compasion than the real people. I love his innocence, his romanticism; his isolated soul that does not fit into this mundane world.
Prints, cards and framed artwork are available here.


Pili said...

Absolutely amazing illustration! I love it!

Lynda said...

Perfect, I love it too. Edward is adorable! :)

Ana said...

me gusta como pusiste el castillo, la chica y el reno contra la luz de la luna y en su cabeza :)

Cat said...

Now this is something that I can have much love for! Not that I don't love you work!

Noelia said...

I love too. You are so created. I just found your amazing art on etsy. I'm from Roseville too. And an artist.