January 14, 2012

Follow me on Pinterest!

Just joined Pinterest a few days ago and love it! I could spend hours looking at everybody's beautiful, interesting and original stuff picked from the web! Pinterest is an online pinboard, where you can browse and share all the nice stuff you find on the web. As a new user I'm struggling a little with the features (if you visit my account you will see that my pinboards are almost empty!) but I guess I will get it all in my pocket shortly... Finally I found a friendly way to collect my faves!
If you're a little curious (and you're willing to give me some help) you can visit my Pinterest and follow me!


Pili said...

I'm following you now!

Julia Menshikova said...

I'm following you:)

R es por Roberto said...

Sandra!!!! hace mil años que no venía a tu blog, no sé si te acordarás de mí (oloratrementina) cuantos cambios!!!! me encantó el nuevo (para mí) look de tu sitio!!:) ya te sigo en pinterest también!
creo que las campanitas que sonaban siguen estando cierto? bueno que suerte haberte visto en IF. me volveré ha hacer seguidor de tu blog por si la blogger se olvidó de mi, ja ja. Te deseo una buenísima semana!!!!

francisco said...


Doreen said...

I am following you now on Pinterest! Love your blog! I am an artist, crafter, gardener and teacher who teaches arts/crafts. I am also a mom! you can follow me too athttp://pinterest.com/doreen016/boards/

thanks! :)