July 24, 2014

Blog or FB?

It's been a while! Though I've been posting only via Facebook for almost two years, (not being a big fan of it) actually I've always missed this friendly way to publish my art adventures, promote my work and have a little chat with my friends. I will borrow something I read days ago... "while FB is a place to share quick updates and links to your stuff, your blog is where you publish well-planned, thoughtful and friendly posts that interest your audience"... and that's what I missed!

Actually, most of my FB posts are kinda long and full of details, and considering the "post and run" profile of the mentioned social network, a blog is by far the perfect place for a good communication with you!

Let's chat a little by sharing your thoughts with me, I'll be glad to hear from you after all this time!


roberto M. said...

Hola Sandy!! tanto tiempo!!1 no supe que tienes FB. te buscaré para pedirte amistad!!! Un abrazo!!!!

sandybau said...

Hola Robert!! Un gusto reencontrarte! Despues de mucho tiempo decidi retomar este espacio q tenia tan olvidado... pero q de hecho extranaba un monton! Un abrazo :)

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