March 3, 2011

New Work: Pierrette Under the Icy Moon

Always loved the commedia dell’arte imagery, and Pierrot, the sad clown (Pierrette in my female version) has been always a really beloved character for me.
Pierrette is the french female version of Pierrot, also known as Pedrolino or Polichinella, whose origins are in the mid 16th-century in Italy.
Pierrette Under the Icy Moon art prints are available here.


The Krafty Cupcake said...

She is very beautiful. Lovely work. Sue x

Michael Scholl said...

so fantastic!!!

Mundo Mundaca said...

AMo a esta imagen! es tan dulce!
Un fuerte abrazo,

Ana said...

que linda,
me encantan su traje y sus ojos.

Pili said...

She's absolutely wonderful!
Love all the detail and colour in her eyes, so full of expression!

Marie Theron said...

My,is she cute!!!!