February 20, 2011

Girls on T-shirts

These are two of my T-shirts, Sakura Girl (one of my best selling tees) and Dorothy, from my Oz Series. I just wanted to pampered myself with some of my own work redeeming a voucher gift I received for a challenge winning at Red Bubble and here they are! As a plus I could check the print quality specially on the doodle frame from Dorothy, and I can say it looks great!
They're made of 100% cotton. All my designs are available for adults and kids in a variety of colors and styles. Take a peek!


Pili said...

I got my Red Bubble tees this week too! And I absolutely love them! The quality of the tees is good and the colours of the artwork are great!

I can't wait for spring to show off my Owl and my Wicked Witch! ;)

bee said...

These are really lovely! Sakura Girl is especially beautiful and I LOVE that wine colour of the t-shirt :)

Angel said...

Those look great!

Tania Cavenecia Torres said...

Both illustrations are beautiful but I especially like the Sakura Girl. I love your beautiful blog too ♥