July 29, 2011

My Chest of Curiosities: Sorelle

There are so much fun, beautiful and enchanting treasures I find in the internet that I'd love to share with you through my Chest of Curiosities, a wish box that keeps my favorite things, curiosities and magical findings in a special place for you to admire.

The first jewel I want to take out of my chest is this magical book, Sorelle, written by Matz Mainka and illustrated by celebrated Spanish illustrator Ana Juan.

Sorelle is the tale of two sisters, joined together by their strong reddish root-like hair. They grew up in solitude, in a world of their own whose access they denied to anyone else… until a spring day when one of them finally met love.

Sorelle is an obscure story about love, sadness and the sickness of obsession; a nebulous world inhabited by gloomy characters and their inner monsters.

This wonderfully illustrated book is actually edited in Italian only, so I can hardly wait for it to be edited in Spanish or English as well! A must have for all those fantasy/gothic lovers!

~ Info ~
Product Dimensions:
9.5 x 6.5 inches – 24 x 17 cm
Extent: 48 pages
Language: Italian
March 2011


Pili said...

Wow, that looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your finds with us!

Aria said...

i agree. Thats looks wonderful nad great.