August 20, 2010

Emma & Gemma (Gemini) ~ Zodiac Series

Emma (the sun) and Gemma (the moon), surrounded by a mystical atmosphere. Duality and opposition, light and darkness, contradiction and similarity. This two lovely ladies represent Gemini, the third zodiac symbol (the twins).
Both are blended, with opposite natures but unified at the same time, complementing each other.
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Emma (el sol) y Gemma (la luna), rodeadas de un aura mística. Dualidad y oposición, luz y oscuridad, contradicción y similitud. Ambas representan Géminis, el tercer signo zodiacal (las gemelas).
Se encuentran fusionadas, con naturalezas opuestas pero unificadas al mismo tiempo, complementando una a la otra.
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steve said...

Love the duality of this one Sandy! Gorgeous design and colors!

justdoodleit said...

Lovely shapes and contrast suggesting duality!

bee said...

Sandy this is stunning! I've seen many zodiac illustrations in the past but none as beautiful as this... SSSOOOOO gorgeous, I love it!

Tammie said...

wonderful atmosphere between and around them, lovely~

robeR ¿qué? said...

Hola Sandra, hacía un tiempo que no venía, me perdí de decirle Feliz Cumple a tus hijitos. Bueno, me encantaron Emma y Gemma, te felicito, qué buena idea el ojo compartido.
Están bárbaras, buenísimo.
un beso.

Aria said...

wow this is my sing of the zodiac! :D Wonderful colors :D

Amalia K said...

Such a lovely duo, Sandy! They're stunning! (^_^)

Krista said...

What a fabulous idea! Your style is just perfect for this!

donny* said...

excellent! love the symmetry and the shape the forms create.

Ana said...

Que lindas, se complementan muy bien :)

Nic Lawson said...

OOOOh! this is gorgeous!!!